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Perfect compromise between blinds and porches.

Lamelna pergola Misteral

Creators of Bioclimatic Pergolas

Bioclimatic pergolas can be adjusted to every architectural feat – existing facility, new construction or renovation. Our pergolas are strong and aesthetically perfected (optimal balance between strength and statics, carried out for each pergola separately). Their primary purpose is to protect your terrace, while creating a new living space outside your home.


Our lamella pergola with adjustable slats is a patented protection for terraces that combines shape and functionality:

Its "bioclimatic" technology offers protection and optimises your living area, as it can be adjusted according to the sun, you can also create a refreshing ventilation during heat, and even find shelter against extreme conditions (rain, snow, wind).

With the help of aluminium lamellas, the bioclimatic pergola provides an immediate adjustment to the changing sunlight, manually or by remote control.


Our unique KEY strengths

End customers

Reasons for

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Decorate your garden terrace, courtyard or pool ...

With a custom-made pergola.

Our supplier is the holder of the initial patent for bioclimatic pergolas, which they obtained more than 20 years ago, we have more than 12000 references all around the world, in all weather conditions.

All our aluminium profiles conform to the Qualicoat and Qualimarine standards. These standards ensure a long life cycle and a perfect processing of the product, which is supported also by long-time warranty.

All our pergolas and constructions have been tested by a lab simulation of extreme weather conditions in order to ensure the maximum reliability, durability and functionality of our bioclimatic and panel pergolas.

Your idea of a pergola with adjustable slats

Standard or custom-made

Regardless of the idea you have, there is ALWAYS A SOLUTION in SOLISYSTEM

The design of our pergolas boasts with clean, classical and timeless lines.

Because they are custom-made, because they are simple and because we have been constantly perfecting their design for 17 years, our pergolas are extremely reliable and require minimal maintenance. They are completely adaptable to any architectural configuration old, new construction or a renovated one. They are strong and beautiful.

Their original purpose is the protection of your terrace, so you can also create a new living space outside your home.


Discover our offer of adjustable slats

Our modules with adjustable slats provide the best relation between design, adjustment and resistance. Independently of the selected dimensions, our offer of original lamellas (standard, XL) or REVO boasts the best load and resistance to wind, as well as efficient drainage of rainwater.

Finishing details

Choose the finishing details for your construction

Choose the finishing details for your construction

There are two types of BIOCLIMATIC modules with adjustable slats that are separated according to the aluminium carrier frame:

  • construction REFERENCE, proven to be the best solution for custom projects
  • construction ELEGANCE, for the needs of elegant quality

Construction REFERENCE by SOLISYSTEME lamella pergola

Simple construction, strong and super adjustable:

Construction ELEGANCE by SOLISYSTEME lamella pergola

Fully adjustable and high-quality construction.

A fully redesigned and luxurious construction, which can be completely adjusted to your measurements, emphasizes this BIOCLIMATIC module and creates a unique ambience on your terrace.\n

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