Our unique KEY strengths


  • waterproof pergolas,
  • our louvres feature special grooves for collecting water (therefore you can open the louvres in the morning after dew or rain without any water dripping),
  • patented drainage solutions,
  • the only pergola worldwide with officially tested waterproofness of 230 mm/hour,
  • the only pergola on the market with a mobile gutter (no water spraying in case of heavy rainfall),
  • the only pergola on the market with up to 10-year warranty,
  • snow-bearing pergola (snow-bearing strength depends on the dimension of pergola, your wishes and needs),
  • our pergolas are without any seals between the louvres, which age over time and become rigid,
  • we use only solutions that have been tried and tested at official institutes – without any improvisations!
  • wind resistance of bioclimatic pergolas up to 180 km/h,
  • the largest louver rotation angle on the market, up to 160°.

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