Gas terrace fireplace – NEW


We present to you an upgrade of our program of providing high-quality outdoor stay with high-quality and aesthetically sophisticated gas fireplaces.

The gas fireplace PLAMIN provides a pleasant heating of the terrace with man’s ancient friend (fire). The heat of the fire warms the soul and the body and gives a sense of homeliness and warmth. Plamin thus becomes the central point on the winter terrace, where people like to hang out and socialize.

We wish you a pleasant warm winter! Contact us for an order and information!

Technical characteristics – model: PLAMIN 1000

  • Heating surface up to 30m2
  • Colours: standard: brown and black, possibility of painting according to RAL
  • Gas consumption: 450-870 g/hour
  • Dimensions of table boards: 900x900 mm, 1000x1000 mm, 1200x1200 mm
  • Height: 1080 mm
  • Types of table boards:
    • Topalit: white, anthracite, imitation of wood
    • compact board: white, black, imitation of wood and anthracite
    • wood: cherry, oak and beech

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